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The Ultimate Solution For Snow Retention

We are a distributor for the SNOBAR system in Western Canada and can be used with any building including commercial and residential applications.

The SNOBAR system was designed and introduced to the market as a defensive move in response to the industry’s need to prevent snow from sliding off of metal roofs. The purpose of SNOBAR is to protect people and vehicles from potentially harmful falling snow and ice, as well as to prevent large accumulations at entrances, driveways and lower roof areas. Other applications are the protection of gutters, stacks, skylights, equipment, and expensive landscaping.

The SNOBAR System

The unique design incorporates a clamp that fits 95% of the architectural and structural standing seams on the market. The system consists of a 12 gauge stainless steel clamp which holds a 16 gauge 1"x1" stainless steel bar that is fastened to the clamp. For a more economical use, a 16 gauge galvanized bar can be painted to match the roof. The optional "Ice Stoppers," that hang from the bar in the center of the panel, can also be used to prevent ice from sliding under the bar on high structural seams or over entryways where more protection is needed.


Original Snobar System

Brochure Specs Installation

Original Snobar System
  • Less Labor Intensive
  • No Roof Penetration
  • No Adhesives
  • System Can Be Painted To Match The Roof Color
  • Can Be Used On Most Standing Seam Roofs

Snobar System with Colobar

Brochure Specs Installation

Snobar System with Colobar
  • Faster Lead Times
  • Stronger System
  • Accepts A Color Strip To Match Roof
  • Extruded Aluminum Bar
  • We Offer Color Strips

Snobar Photos

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